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Sustainable Investing: The Most Opportune Route for Women with Kiley Miller (Ep. 14)

Women are great candidates for sustainable investing. This approach to long-term trends and themes falls in line with how women inherently see the world. Women naturally tend to stay more disciplined and trade less, creating better long-term planning abilities. 

So does that end the debate and honor women as better investors? 

In this episode, Kiley Miller, the director of ESG Solutions at Envestnet, explains the ins and outs of sustainable female investing and the benefits to their overall portfolio. Kiley unpacks some long-term trends, such as climate change, developments in renewable energy, and regenerative agriculture, while detailing how women are more likely to play the waiting game to achieve results in these areas. 

Kiley discusses: 

  • Why women are great candidates for sustainable investing 
  • How sustainable investing practices align with the way women perceive the world
  • What you should know about personalization
  • The truth about emotions when it comes to investing 
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

Kiley Miller leads Sustainable Investing at Envestnet. She is responsible for the strategic development of Envestnet’s sustainable investment offering, which includes the expansion of technology embedded into the Envestnet platform, as well as sustainable investment solutions, research, and data, and providing education and guidance on how to incorporate sustainable investing into advisor practices. 

Before joining PMC in 2019, Kiley was a senior client advisor at Sustainalytics, an ESG research, ratings, and analytics firm. There she supported U.S. asset managers to integrate ESG research into the investment process. Kiley also previously worked at the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment. 

Kiley holds an MS in Sustainability Management from Columbia University and a BS in Environmental Sustainability with a double minor in Business and Environmental Economics & Law from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

About Our Host:

Melissa Carter trains entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate execs, and home-based professionals to reach their fullest potential. Melissa has appeared on radio, television, podcasts, and in print throughout the nation, and has served as a speaker for many corporate and charitable events to discuss the benefits of using media as part of their business strategy. 

As a member of morning radio shows for nearly 20 years, Melissa could be heard on 99X, Q100, and B98.5 in Atlanta. She also served as a Co-Host on Westwood One’s “Radio with a Twist.” For these media efforts, Melissa was awarded the Atlanta Dream/SunTrust Inspiring Woman Award, the HRC Community Leadership Award, and the CHRIS Kids Kyle Anderson Service to Youth Award.