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Becoming a Financial Professional To Help Others with Lisa Brown (Ep. 12)

What made you get into the financial industry?

How much do you value the relationship you have built with your clients? 

This week, Lisa Brown unpacks what it means to her to be a woman in the financial industry. She unveils why client-advisor relationships are so important to her while detailing her approach to leadership and ways she helps women like her pave their way through the financial arena.

Lisa discusses: 

  • The truth about money and reasons it’s crucial to plan our finances
  • Ways women can support each other in the workplace besides partnering up based on gender 
  • Reasons trust is so important in any relationship 
  • Her books and their power to form financially confident women
  • And more!


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About Our Guest: 

For the past 20 years, Lisa Brown has been providing financial advice to corporate executives and high-net-worth individuals across the United States. Currently a Partner at a wealth management firm in Atlanta, Georgia, Lisa speaks to audiences throughout the country on financial planning and money empowerment topics. 

Her financial advice is regularly featured in national and local media, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Yahoo! Finance, Kiplinger, CNBC.com, Atlanta television, and many more.

Although Brown’s clients are affluent, her own upbringing was far more modest.  

Raised by two school teachers in a rural farming town in upstate New York, Brown learned at the age of twelve how hard work translated into money, rising at six o’clock in the morning during her summer breaks to pick strawberries on a farm for twenty-five cents per quart.  This perspective laid the foundation for the appreciation she has for money today.

A wife, a mother to three children including a set of twins, a community advocate for homeless families, a running coach, marathoner, adventure racer, MBA graduate, author, and speaker, Lisa has a “get things done well” attitude.

About Our Host:

Melissa Carter trains entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate execs, and home-based professionals to reach their fullest potential. Melissa has appeared on radio, television, podcasts, and in print throughout the nation and has served as a speaker for many corporate and charitable events to discuss the benefits of using media as part of their business strategy. 

As a member of morning radio shows for nearly 20 years, Melissa could be heard on 99X, Q100, and B98.5 in Atlanta. She also served as a Co-Host on Westwood One’s “Radio with a Twist.” For these media efforts, Melissa was awarded the Atlanta Dream/SunTrust Inspiring Woman Award, the HRC Community Leadership Award, and the CHRIS Kids Kyle Anderson Service to Youth Award.

Grow Your Business In Today’s Referral Environment with Stacey Brown-Randall (Ep. 4)

Growing referrals in the ever-changing online landscape can be challenging. You might be stuck in the same loop, feeling like there is no solution. 

However, staying true to yourself and your business values can get you one step closer to gaining referrals who share similar interests, aligning you with the right people to join your business venture. 

In this episode, successful author, podcast host, and entrepreneur, Stacey Brown-Randall, details the value of looking at referrals from a scientific and psychological perspective.

Stacey also explains common reasons women fear stepping into the role of a financial advisor as well as how her referral system helps alleviate the stresses that come with this process.

Stacey discusses: 

  • The right way to generate referrals
  • Approaching referrals on a personal level 
  • How she helps financial advisors implement referral strategies within their business 
  • How to fit referrals within your sales strategy
  • The importance of creating a level of mutual trust to move forward with a business partnership
  • How to make sure your needs are identified before formally meeting with a prospect
  • And more!


Connect with Stacey Brown-Randall: 

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About Our Guest: 

You may have been taught that to receive referrals you must ask for them. Stacey Brown-Randall believes the opposite. And her clients are living proof that you do not need to ask, compensate, be overly promotional or manipulate to receive referrals (and tons of them).

There is a better way.

Stacey helps business owners achieve a referral explosion by teaching a simple, 5-step process to receive referrals in a way that honors the relationship with those who refer you. We know the general advice on referrals has been to “just ask.” But when you understand the human dynamic and psychology behind why referrals happen, you unlock the ability to generate referrals without asking for them. 

About Our Host:

Antoinette Rodriguez, MBA, is a driven 16-year marketing, strategic business, social media editor, and FinTech consultant to million-dollar wealth management teams.  She is an enthusiastic professional with in-depth knowledge of the ultra and high-net-worth investor target market, including women, multicultural, and next-gen growth niches.

Antoinette has helped identify hundreds of millions of dollars in net new asset opportunities with financial advisor clients. She has also written over 100 marketing and business plans for wealth management teams, created over 300 financial advisor training videos, and planned hundreds of VIP client events.